Immerse yourself in a reactive open-world third-person action RPG.

Virtuverse implements an immersive combat experience on top of third-person gameplay, A system without levels or classes lets every player use all types of weapons, armor and abilities.
An MMO with a difference
Virtuverse is both a platform and a game. Enter a gaming universe where you can seamlessly travel between different worlds and experiences spanning multiple genres of gameplay.
No class restrictions
Use any weapon or armor you like, learn spells or use technology unrestricted. In Virtuverse professions determine your ability with equipment, as you play you proficiency increases.
User generated content
Players can participate in periodic competitions based on their profession to have their own creations brought to life within Virtuverse. Winning players will receive a small stipend each time their weapon is created by another player and will be immortalised in it's stats forever.
A focus on economy
Virtuverse's circular economy focuses on recycling materials and resources between professions, giving every player a niche to fill. An advanced AI system regulates supply and demand of resources based on regional statistics and seasonal events.

Join an organic story which builds over time.

With no levels there is no need to force players through a grind of kill and fetch quests, in Virtuverse the story augments the worlds and themes of the planets. Players join forces to advance the story together, they can either defend a strategic point or let it be lost to the enemy.
Organic storytelling
Virtuverse's storyline will advance in episodes, with an aim to release a major story arc every 3 months. Each arc will have two or more conclusions which players will be able to effect through participation.
Regular content updates
Alongside stories being released periodically, these will come with new items, recipes and enemies to keep the experience fresh and rewarding.
Persistent open-worlds
Virtuverse is made up of multiple rich worlds, each an immersive open world to explore. The first planet, Stig, is a sci-fi themed open world MMORPG with alien creatures and dangerous ruins to explore.
Dynamic dungeons
Virtuverse contains a procedural dungeon system where players can modify the challenge in exchange for a higher reward.
Adding more enemies, or scaling their difficulty can make the difference between succeeding in a dungeon solo and needing to bring some friends.

An open economy where players can play at the level they want.

Virtuverse's Economy
In Virtuverse everything has a value, from a single energy cell to a suit of armour. A player hunting a monster will use ammo which has a value, the amount of loot they get in return will be proportional to the value spent.

Each player will receive starting equipment and supplies to get them started within Virtuverse.

When a player subscribes to Virtuverse, they will receive a monthly credit to their account balance.
These credits can be withdrawn back to real world money at any time - at the same conversion rate they were bought with.

There will be services and gathering professions which allow players to earn credits from others, funding their gameplay for convenience to others.

World events will reward credits based on contribution points gained through participation, making them a lucrative past-time within the platform.
Player Returns
A small portion of each action a player takes goes towards the upkeep of the servers and funding world event prize pools.

Players who own hunting lands, mines, businesses or have authored unique items will be eligible for a small tax for activities.

About Us

Founded in September 2018 we're working hard towards making Virtuverse a reality.
While we're a young studio with ambitious plans, we're all gamers at heart.

We're proudly supported and advised by The Game Incubator

We strongly believe in remote working and keeping a good work-life balance, and that teams can achieve amazing things with the best environment and culture.

Our Team

We're a small team of 16 working on Virtuverse, from diverse backgrounds and locations.
  • Fin Yeates
    CEO / Founder

    I founded Virtuverse in 2018, and have 8 years of experience as a builder within fast-paced startups. As the CTO of ethical-advertising company iotec, I've led a team of 35 software engineers to build technology running at immense scale. A breadth of experience including adtech and social e-commerce gives me great insight into applications of technology across many verticals. I've been a passionate gamer since first playing Monkey Island and Prince of Persia on DOS.
  • Ernesto

    My name is Ernesto, I'm 22 and living in Argentina. I enjoy making creative experiences, and games are just my fit.I've been working with UE4 for two years and counting, and I like Blender a lot too! Perfectionist, coffee drinker, and an overall fun guy.
  • Keegan Blazey
    2D Artist

    My name is Keegan Blazey, I am a 2d Visual developer, I have a degree in Fine Art painting. Since then I have adapted and started working digitally specializing in Concept Art for games and Illustration for books and various marketing projects.
  • Matt Cane
    3D Artist

    I have 2 years of 3D experience and studying Game Art at University. My favorite game is Satisfactory as I love being efficient!
  • Rémi
    2D Artist

    My name is Rémi, I'm 18 years old living in France near Paris. I'm passionate about Video Games and Art since my childhood, that's why I'm happy to work as an 2D artist to develop Virtuverse.
  • Donathan
    Project Manager

    Having grown up with open world games such as GTA and Minecraft, I always wanted to create my own universe. I started programming and creating little video games when I was 13 and my passion towards the craft has only grown since. Virtuverse is a perfect game to express my creativity as a game maker and as a player.